This is a list of roses that we sold in our former nursery - 650 varieties.
The list provides useful information for selecting roses.
Abbaye de Cluny Apricot orange Strong spicy citrus 3'-4' f
Amalia Red Slight 4'-5' c
About Face (G) Gold ornge w/ brnze-red rev Light apple 5'-7' dwc
April in Paris Soft pink & cream blend Strong tea rose 5' cf
Artistry Coral orange Slight 4'-6'  
Barbra Streisand Rich lavender w/ darker blush Strong rose and citrus  3'-5' wfc
Baronne De Rothschild Cherry red w/ cream reverse Strong spicy 5'-6' fc
Beloved Bright red Light 5' dc
Brandy Bronze apricot Strong  fruity 4'-5' dfc
Brigadoon Cream/coral/strawberry Mild spicy tea 4' c
Bronze Star Bronze to apricot Strong spice and rose 5' f
Caroline de Monaco Creamy white w/ pink edges Slight sweet 4'  
Cary Grant Orange w/ copper Strong spicy 4'-5' fc
Centennial Star Golden yellow w/ red edges Strong spicy 4' f
Cherry Parfait (G) White w/ red edges Light 5' w
Chris Evert Melon orange w red blush Moderate fruity 5'  
Chrysler Imperial Velvety dark red Strong damask rose 3'-6' wf
Classic Woman White Mild 6' c
Crowd Pleaser Cerise pnk w/ cr blush rev Slight  6' c
Crystalline Snowy White Medium sweet tea rose 4'-5' c
Dolly Parton Dark coppery orange-red Strong spicy clove 4'-5' wf
Dream Come True (G) Yellow w/ruby red edges Mild tea rose 5' dc
Earth Song Deep pink Strong 4'-6' dw Buck
Electron Electric pink Strong sweet 4' dcf
Elle Shell pink & ivory bicolor Strong spice and citrus 4'-5' dwf
Falling In Love Soft pink Strong rose & fruit 4' c
Fame! (G) Deep pink Moderate 4'-6' wc
Fire 'N' Ice Red w/white reverse Mild 5' c
Firefighter Dusky velvet red Intense old rose 5'-6' fc
First Prize Rose pink Lemon apricot 3'-5' c
Fragrant Cloud Deep coral red-orange Strong sweet spicy 3'-5' dwf
Fragrant Plum (G) Lavender w/ purple blush Strong fruity 4' wfc
Frederic Mistral Light pink Strong old rose & citrus 6' dwf
Full Sail Bright white Strong honeysuckle 4'-5' dwfc
Gentle Giant Vibrant pink w/ yellow Moderate fruity 4'-5' c
Great Century Pearl pink and cream Medium fruity 4' w
Heart of Gold (G) Deep gold w/ cerise pink Strong fruit & rose 4'-6'  wfc
Heirloom Magenta to lilac Very strong and sweet 4'-5' f
Helmut Schmidt Buttery yellow Sweet tea 3'-4' dwf
Honey Dijon (G) Warm golden brown Rich fruity   wfc
Honor Satin white Slight 6'-7' dc
Hotel California Yellow Slight 5' c
In the Mood Vivid red Mild tea 4'-5'  
Ingrid Bergman Dark red Strong 4' dwfc
Janice Kellogg Deep burgundy Slight rose 4'  
Jean Giono Golden yellow w/ tangerine Moderate spicy 4'-5' dc
Just Joey Apricot Strong fruity 3'-4' dfc
Kardinal Red   4'-5' c
Lady Bird Deep coral orange Light spicy 5'-6' c
Lasting Love Dusky red Rich rose 5' wfc
Legends Ruby red Moderate fruity 5' c
Let Freedom Ring Strawberry red Slight tea rose   wc
Liv Tyler Coral pink Strong fruity 3' cf
Love and Peace Yellow and pink Sweet fruity 4'-5' dwfc
Love's Magic Dark red Moderate rose 5'-6' dc
Love's Promise (G) Velvety red Rich raspberry   fc
Marilyn Monroe Apricot cream Mild 4' c
Mellow Yellow Pure yellow Strong fruity 5' fc
Melody Parfumee (G) Plum Heavy old rose 5' f
Memorial Day Orchid pink w/lavender Strong damask rose 5' dwfc
Michelangelo Golden yellow Strong sweet lemon 4' fc
Mon Cheri Pink turning to red Light spicy 4'-5'  
Moonstone Ivory w/ pink edges Mild tea  rose 4'-5' dwc
Mrs Oakley Fisher Deep yellow Strong 3'-4' d
New Zealand Soft creamy pink Strong honeysuckle 4' dwf
Nicole Carol Miller (G) Pale lavender w/ mauve edges Very str. citrus & rose   f
Oklahoma Black velvet red Strong 7'-8' wfc
Olympiad Bright red Light fruity 4'-6' dwc
Paradise Lavender w/ ruby edges Strong fruity 4' dwfc
Paris d Yves St. Laurent Pink Mild and sweet 4' dc
Peace Lemon yellow w/ pink Mild fruity 5'-6' w
Pink Promise Pink & cream blend Strong fruity 5' fc AARS
Pope John Paul II Pure White Strong citrus 4'-5' df
Princesse de Monaco Cream w/pink edge Moderate fruity 4' c
Pristine White w/ pink edges Mild Sweet 4'-7' d
Purple Passion (G) Deep purple Strong lemony 5' fc
Queen Elizabeth (G) Pink Strong tea rose 5'-8' dwfc
Queen Mary 2 Pure White Strong rose & banana   dwf
St. Patrick Yellow-gold w/ green Slight 3'-5' c
Secret Cream w/ pink edge Strong spicy fruity 3'-5' wfc

Sheer Bliss

White w/ pink blush Strong sweet 3'-4' fc
Signature Pink blend w/ cream Light fruity 4' c
Silver Star (G) Lavender Slight 5' d
Sonia (G) Pastel coral pink Sweet peppery 3' fc
Spellbound Deep coral pink Light spicy 5' d
Stainless Steel Silvery lavender Strong rose 6'-7' wfc
Sterling Silver Silvery lavender grey Strong fruity 4' f
Strike It Rich (G) Golden yellow w/orange-pink Str. sweet spice & fruit 5' dfc
Summer Love Soft yellow Mild sweet 3-4'  
Sunset Celebration Creamy apricot amber Moderate fruity 3' fc
Sweet Promise Deep salmon Strong old-rose 5' fc
Sweetness (G) Lavender Strong citrus 5' f
Tiffany Phlox pink Strong fruity 4' fc
Touch of Class Coral pink Slight tea 4'-6' dwc
Toulouse Lautrec Lemon yellow Strong lemon 4'-6' fc
Tournament of Roses(G) Two-toned pink Light spice 4'-5' dw
Tropicana Coral orange Strong fruity 4'-6' dwf
Truly Yours Pink w/ darker reverse Mod. fruit & tea rose   wc
Veterans' Honor Bright red Light raspberry 5' c
Voluptuous Deep fuchsia pink Light sweet 5' dc
Whisper Creamy white Slight fruity 5'-6'  dwc
W.W.II Memorial Soft white w/ tinge of lav Strong sweet 4'-5' dfc
Betty Boop Soft yellow w red edges Fruity 3'  
Betty Prior Pink Moderate tea 3'-4' dws
Bill Warriner Salmon coral Light sweet 3'-4' d
Black Cherry Dark red Light damask 3 1/2'  
Bolero White Strong old rose & spice 3' dcf
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Pink and cream Strong honey 5' dwf
Burgundy Iceberg Purple/burgundy/cream revers Mild honey 4' d
Charles Aznavour White w/ pink edge Mild    
Cinco de Mayo Red-orange, smoky lavendar Sweet apple 3 1/2' AARS
Cinnamon Twist Coral orange Light spice & fruit 3 1/2'  
Disneyland Rose Copper, apricot, orange, pink Light spicy 3'  
Easter Basket Yellow edged in pink Slight 3'-4'  
Easy Going Golden peach-yellow Moderate fruity 3'-4' dw
Ebb Tide Smokey deep plum purple Strong spicy clove   wf
Eureka Butter yellow-apricot Slight 3 1/2' dwc
Europeana Velvety dark red Light tea 3'-4' dw
Fragrant Wave White Spicy 3 1/2' d
Frankly Scarlet Light red Spicy 3'  
French Lace Cr wh w/ pastel apricot blush Mild fruity 3'-4' d
Grand Prize Cream w/ pink blush Light spicy 3 1/2  
Gruss An Achen Pale pink-creamy white Sweet 2'-3' dwsf
Heaven on Earth Apricot to light pink Spicy 3 1/2' d
Honey Bouquet Rich honey yellow Strong sweet 3 1/2' f
Honey Perfume Apricot yellow Strong spicy 3 1/2' df
Hot Cocoa Smokey chocolate orange Strong fruity 3'-4' dwf
Iceberg Cool white Mild honey 3'-5' dws
Intrigue Velvety plum purple Strong lemon 3'-4' f
Johann Strauss Candy pink Strong lemon-apple 4'-5' dwf
Kimberlina Light pink w/ darker reverse Light spicy 4' dw
Laura Bush Cinnamon-orange w/yell rev Fruity 31/2'  
Lava Flow (Lavaglut) Near black red Light 2 1/2' dw
Light My Fire Hot red-orange Slight 21/2'  
Livin' Easy Apricot orange Strong fruity 3'-5' dwf
Lovestruck Hot pink-brushed cream Spicy 31/2' dc
Mardi Gras Pink and yellow Light 4' c
Margaret Merril Satin white Strong citrus & spice 3'-5' dsf
Miss Behavin' Deep pnk w/ creamy yel rev Light apple 3 1/2' d
Moondance Creamy white Raspberry 5' d
Passionate Kisses Salmon Slight 4'  c
Preference Deep scarlet None 2'-3'  d
Purple Heart Wine red Strong clove and spice   wf
Scentimental Peppermint striped Strong  sweet spicy 3'-4' wf
Seduction(GdMaupass) Pink Strong spicy apple 4' fc
Sexy Rexy Coral pink Mild 3'-5' dw
Shockwave Neon yellow Mild 4'  
Showbiz Fire engine red Light 2'-4' dw
Simply Marvelous Lavender Sweet damask rose 3 1/2'  
Sixteen Candles Light pink and peach Sweet 3 1/2'  
Sunsprite Bright yellow Strong sweet licorice   dwfc
Superhero Medium red None 3-5' dw Easy Elegance
Topsy Turvy Scarlet w/ white reverse Mild apple 3'-4'  
Tuscan Sun Deep apricot orange Light spicy 4' d
Vavoom Orange juice orange Moderate spicy 3'  
Baby Alberic Soft yellow Moderate 2'-3' d
Caldwell pink Lilac pink None 3'-4' dw
Cecile Brunner Soft pastel pink Mild sweet spicy 3' ws
China Doll Rose pink Light tea 2'  
Clotilde Soupert Pearl white Strong 3'-4' Thornless
Crystal Fairy White Light apple 3'  
Fairy Queen Bright red Light apple 3' dw
Lovely Fairy Deep pink Light apple 3'  
Margo Koster Salmon pink Slight 2'-4' d
Marie Daly Medium pink Strong 3'-4' dwf
Marie Pavie Creamy white Strong musky 2'-4' dw
Perle d'Or Yellow/pink blend Strong sweet spicy 3'-6' dwf
Red Fairy Cherry red Slight 2 1/2' w
The Fairy Pastel pink Mild apple 3' dws
Weeping China Doll Rose pink Slight musky 4'-6'  
Wing Ding Scarlet red None 2'  
Abraham Darby Peachy pink Strong fruity 6'-10' wfs
Blyth Spirit Yellow Strong 3'-4' f
Charity Apricot blend Strong myrrh 3'-4' f
Christopher Marlowe Orange-red to salmon -pink Tea rose w/ lemon 3' f
Crown Princ Margarita Apricot orange Strong tea rose 6' f
Falstaff Deep crimson to regal purple Strong old rose 4' f
Gertrude Jekyll Deep pink             Very strong damask 4'-8' dwfs
Glamis Castle White Strong myrrh 3'-4' wf
Golden Celebration Golden yellow Honey 5' dwcs
Graham Thomas Buttery yellow Strong fruity tea rose 5'-10' dwfsc
Kathryn Morley Soft pink Mild 3'-6'  
L.D.Braithwaite Bright crimson Strong old rose 4't&w wsfc
Lillian Austin Salmon Pink Strong fruity 3'-4' df
Mary Rose Rose pink Strg damask,honey & almond 4'-5' dwsf
Molineux Deep yellow Strong 3'-4' f
Pat Austin Copper and gold Strong old rose 4' f
Tamora Orange /peach /apricot Strong myrrh 3'-4' wf
Teasing Georgia Deep to light yellow blend Strong licorice 4' fs
The Pilgrim Soft yellow Strong spicy 4'-10' d
Winchester Cathedral White Str old rose honey, almond 4'tx4'w dwfs
Windemere Cream Fruity 3' wf
All Ablaze Cherry red Slight spice 8'-12' dw
Aloha Two toned pink Sweet rose 8'-10' dwfs
Altissimo Lacquer red Light 8'-10' dw
America Coral pink Strong spicy 10'-12' dwf

Angel Face

Lavender w/ ruby blush Strong citrus 10'-12' f
Autumn Sunset Apricot and gold Strong fruity 8'-12' dwsf
Berries & Cream Rose pink & creamy white Moderate apple 10'-12' dw
Blaze Scarlet red Light tea 12'-14' w
Blaze of Glory Coral orange Light musk 12'-14'  
Brite Eyes Salmon pink Slight 6'-8' dw
Candy Land Red & ivory striped Moderate apple 10'-12' dw
Don Juan Deep velvety red Strong rose 12'-14' dwf
Dream Weaver Coral pink Light old rose 10'-12'  
Dublin Bay Red Moderate  fruity 8'-14'  
Flutterbye Yellow, coral, pink, tangerine Moderate spicy 6'-10' dws
Fourth of July Velvet red & white striped Sweet apple & rose 10'-14' dwf
Full Moon Rising Soft yellow Strong damask & citrus 15'-20' dcf
Garden Sun Apricot and orange Slight 10'-12' dw
Handel White w/ bright red edges Light 12'-15' ws
High Society Deep pink Light damask 10'-12'  
Iceberg Ice white Mild honey 12'-14' dws
Jacob's Robe Yellow, pink, & red Moderate 10'-12' dw
Jeanne Lajoie Pink Slight 6'-10' w
John Davis Medium pink Spicy 6'-8' dw
Joseph's Coat Red, pink, orange, yellow Light tea 10'-12' d
Lace Cascade White Light sweet 7'  
Lemon Meringue Chiffon lemon yellow Strong spice & fruit 10'-12' dwf
Morning Magic Shell pink None 6'-8' dw
New Dawn Cameo pink Sweet rose 18'-20' dwsf
Night Owl Wine purple Moderate clove & spice 10'-14' f
Polka Peachy orange Strong 10'-12' dwf
Red Eden Deep burgundy red Mild 10'-12' d
Royal Gold Deep golden yellow Strong fruity 8'-10' fc
Royal Sunset Orange apricot Moderate fruity 8'-10' w
Sally Holmes White w/ pink blush Slight 6'-10' dws
Scent from Above Golden yellow Licorice 8'-10'  
Sky's the Limit Buttery yellow Slight fruity 10'-12' w
Social Climber Deep pink Spicy 6'  
Stairway to Heaven Red Light sweet 10'-12' dw
Westerland Apricot orange Strong spice &  rose 10'-12' dwsf
White Dawn White Sweet rose 12'-14' dw
White Eden White Slight 10'-12'  d
William Baffin Deep pink Light sweet 7'-9' w
Winner's Circle Fire engine red None 6'-8' dw
Alexander MacKenzie Red blend Raspberry 5'-6' dw
All the Rage Apricot blend None 21/2'-4' dw Easy Elegance
Allamand-Ho Pink/yellow blend Sweet 3'-4' dw Buck
Amiga Mia Medium pink Moderate sweet 3'-5' dw Buck
Baby Blanket Pink Light Sweet 3'tx5'w d
Baby Love Sunny yellow Mild licorice 3'-5' dw
Barn Dance Light pink Mild 3' dwBuck
Bee Bop Red w/ yellow eye Light 4't dw
Belinda's Dream Medium pink Strong fruity 3'-6' dwf
Blossom Blanket Pure white Light 11/2'tx4'w  
Blushing Knockout Light to soft shell pink Light 2'-3' dws
Bonanza Yellow, peach, pink Slight 4't&w dw
Bonica Pastel pink Light apple 3'-5' dws
Bright Melody Medium red Mild 3'-4' d Buck
Cape Diamond Pink Very spicy 4' dwf
Carefree Beauty Pink Mild apple 4'-5' dws Buck
Carefree Celebration Rich orange None 41/2'tx41/2w dw
Carefree Delight Carmine pink w/ white eye Light 3'-5' dws
Carefree Marvel Deep pink Light spice 2'tx3'w dw
Carefree Spirit Deep cherry red w/white Slight 5'tx5;w dw AARS
Carefree Sunshine Yellow None 3'-4' dw
Carefree Wonder Pink and white Light 3'-4' dws
Champlain Medium red Slight 3-4't&w dw
Citrus Splash Yellow & orange stripes Fruity 41/2'  
Coral Drift Coral orange None 11/2'tx2'w dw
Country Dancer Deep pink Moderate apple 5'tx5'w  dw Buck
Crimson Meidiland Bright red None 2'tx4'w dw
Cuthbert Grant Purple red Slight 4'tx4'w dw
Day Dream Lavender pink Light 4'tx3'w dw
Distant Drums Tan to orchid pink Moderate myrrh 3'-5' dw Buck
Dorcas Pink/yellow blend Slight 3'-4' dw Buck
Double Knock Out Medium red None 3'-4' dws
Electric Blanket Salmon to coral pink Light 2'tx2'w d
Fairy Meidiland Vibrant pink Mild 3'tx3'w d
Fiesta Dark pink & white stripes None 2'-3' dw Easy Elegance
Fire Meidiland Fire engine red None 2'tx5'w d
Fr Lavender Simplicity Light lavender Strong citrus 4'-5' dwf
Frontier Twirl Orange/pink blend Strong 3' wf Buck
Fuchsia Meidiland Mauve pink None 2'tx5'w dw
Funny Face Pink blend None 3'-4' dw Easy Elegance
Golden Unicorn Golden apricot yellow Mild fruity 4' dw Buck
Golden Zest Apricot yellow Strong citrus 4 1/2'  
Good 'n Plenty Deep pink w/ white eye Light 2 1/2' d
Gourmet Popcorn Bright white w/ yellow center Strong rose 18”-30” dwf
Grandma's Blessing Medium pink None f

2'-3' dw Easy Elegance
Gypsy Dancer Orange red w/ yellow reverse Citrus 4'  
Happy Chappy Apricot & yellow Light 2' w
Hawkeye Belle Ivory white/blush pink Strong 4'-5' wf Buck
High Voltage Yellow Moderate 3'-5' dw Easy Elegance
Home Run Flame red Slight 3't & w dw
Honey Sweet Orange pink blend Honey 3' dw Buck
Hope For Humanity Deep red Mild 3-5' w
J.P. Connell Medium yellow Strong 3-5' w
John Cabot Fuchsia Strong sweet 6' dwf
John Franklin Vibrant red Strong sweet 4' dwf
Kashmir Dark red   2'-4' wc Easy Elegance
Knockout Cherry red Light tea 4'tx4'w dws
Lady Elsie May Coral pink Light 3' dw
Lemon Zest Medium yellow Strong lemon 3 1/2' f
Limoncello Lemon yellow Strong 3' df
Little Mischief Deep pink w/white eye None 2'-3' dw Easy Elegance
Macy's Pride Lemon yellow to white w/pink None 3'-5' d Easy Elegance
Magic Meidiland Deep pink Spicy 2'tx5'w d
Midnight Blue Velvet dark purple Strong spicy clove 2'-3' wf
Morden Blush Soft pink Slight sweet 3' ws

Morden Centennial

Pure pink Slight 4't&w  ws
Morden Fireglow Orange-red Light and sweet 3' w
Morden Ruby Pink blend Mild 4'tx4'w w
Morden Sunrise Orange-yellow Slight 4'tx4'w w
Mountain Music Pink/yellow blend Strong 3'-4' w Buck
My Girl Deep pink None 3-4' dw Easy Elegance
My Hero Bright red to deep pink None 3-4' dw Easy Elegance
Nearly Wild Medium pink Sweet fruity 2'-3' dw
Ole (Northern Accents) Light pink      
Oranges & Lemons Orange and yellow striped Moderate fruity 6'-8' dw
Outta the Blue Magenta-lavender blue Strong clove and rose 3'-5'  dwf
Paint the Town Medium red None 2-3' dw Easy Elegance
Palmengarten Frankfort Medium pink Mild 3'tx 3'w d
Peach Drift Peach None 11/2'tx2'w dw
Petal Pushers Cotton candy pink Light 3'tx4'w d
Pillow Fight Bright white Strong honey and rose 3'-4'  wf
Pink Double Knock Out Bubblegum pink   4'tx4'w dw
Pink Drift Deep pink   18”tx3'w w
Pink Knockout Pink   4'tx5'w dws
Pink Meidiland Deep pink w/ white eye None 4'tx5'w dws
Plum Frost Purple w/ lavender reverse Strong lemon 4' wf
Polonaise Deep rose pink Slight 3'-4' dw Buck
Prairie Harvest Light yellow Moderate 3'-4' dw Buck
Prairie Star Blush pink Fruity apple 3'-4' dw Buck
Prairie Sunrise Apricot blend Strong 3' dwf Buck
Pure Perfume Pure white Strong grapefruit 4 1/2' f
Purple Simplicity Raspberry-purple Spicy 4' wf
Quietness Light pink Moderate 4' dw Buck
Rainbow Knock Out Deep salmon pink/yellow eye Light 3' dws
Red Meidiland Bright red w/ white eye Slight 3'tx6'w dw
Red Ribbons Bright crinsom red Light sweet 21/2'tx4'w  
Rhapsody in Blue Smoke-blue purple blend Moderate sweet apple 5'  
Rockin' Robin Pink, red, white Mild apple 5'tx4'w dw
Ruby Meidiland Ruby red   3'tx4'w d
Ruffled Cloud Deep pink Strong 3 1/2' w
Scarlet Meidiland Ruby red Slight 4'tx6'w dws
Seafoam Creamy white w/ pale pink Slight 4'tx8'w dws
Sevillana Bright red Mild 5'tx4'w dw
Simplicity Medium pink Light sweet 4'-5' w
Snowcone Pure white Light 2' d
Snowdrift Creamy white None 3-4' dw Easy Elegance
Spanish Rhapsody Pink blend Raspberry 4'-5' w Buck
Spring Fever Pink to white Light 12” d
Starry Night White w/ yellow eye Slight 3' d
Sunny Knock Out Yellow   4'tx4'w dw
Sunrise Sunset Fuchsia pink to apricot None 2-3' dw Easy Elegance
Sunrise Vigorosa Luminous yellow Mild 2'tx3'w  
Sven (Northern Accents) Mauve blend Strong 2' w
Teeny Bopper Scarlet/white Light 2'  
Tequila Orange None 4'tx3'w d
The Imposter Salmon pink None 21/2'tx21/2w  
Watercolors Pink & yellow blend Moderate apple 3' w
Watermelon Ice Lavender pink Fruity 2'  
What A Peach Peachy Moderate fruity 5'tx4'w dw
White Meidiland Pure white None 2'tx6'w dw
White Out Cream white Slight citrus 3 1/2'tx31/2 dw
White Simplicity White Light sweet 4'-5' w

Wild Thing

Carbine red/coral pink Light 31/2' d
Winnipeg Parks Deep pink to red   4'tx 3'w dw
Winter Sunset Yellow/orange Slight 3'-5' dw Buck
Yellow Brick Road Lemon yellow None 2-3' dw Easy Elegance
Yellow Jacket Rich yellow Light sweet 2 1/2'  
Yellow Ribbons Light yellow Light 18”tx2'w dw
Yellow Simplicity Bright yellow Light sweet 4'-5' w
Yellow Submarine Spectrums of yellow None 2'-4' dw Easy Elegance
Belle Poitevine Deep magenta-pink Light 4'-5' dws

Blanc Dbl De Coubert

Clear white Sweet rose 4'-5' dwsf
Dart's Dash Dark red Strong 3'-4' dwsf
FJ Grootendorst Dark rose red Slight 6'-8' dws

Frau Dagmar Hartopp

Silvery pink Mild 4't&w  w
Hansa Violet red Strong spicy clove 5' dwf
Linda Campbell Velvety bright red Slight 5'tx6'w dws
Marie Bugnet Near white Strong 3' wf
Pink Grootendorst Pink Light 5'tx5'w dw
Polar Ice Pale pink Light clove 3'tx3'w dw
Polar Sun Pink Clove 3' dw
Purple Pavement Reddish-purple Strong spice 3'-4' wf
Rosa Rugosa Medium blue red Moderate 10't & w w
Rosa Rugosa Alba White Slight 10't & w ws
Therese Bugnet Lilac pink Moderate spicy 7't & w dws
Topaz Jewel Butter cream yellow Moderate fruity 4'tx5'w dws
Wild Spice Snowy white Strong clove 3'tx3'w f
Wildberry Breeze Lavender pink Strong clove 3'tx3'w dwf
Ballerina Pink w/ white center Slight 3'-4' dws
Buff Beauty Apricot Strong sweet 4'-12' dw
Felicia Pink blend Strong sweet 4'-6'  
Penelope Pale yellow/pink Strong sweet & musky 4'-6' dw
Alister Stella Gray-Noisette Pale yellow Strong 6'-15' f
Baronne Prevost-HP Rich soft pink Strong sweet 4'-5' wf
Celine Forestier-N Pale yellow Spicy tea rose 8'-15' sf
Comtesse du Cayla-Ch Orange/red Strong sweet tea 3'-5' dw
Crepuscule-N Apricot blend Strong sweet 6'-12' sf
Ducher-China Pure white Moderate 3'-5' dw
Duchesse de Brabant-Ch Rose-pink Strong tea 3'-4' dws
Green Rose-China Green Moderate 3'-4'  
Lady Hillington-Tea Apricot/yellow Moderate 4'-6'  
Mme Alfred Carrierre-N White Strong 15'-20' sf
Madame Berkeley-Tea Pink blend Tea 4' c
Madame Plantier-Alba White Strong sweet 5' wsf
Mermaid-H. Bracteata Yellow Slight 16'-30' s
Mrs Dudley Cross Yellow w/pink Moderate 3'-6' c Thornless
Mutabilis-China Yellow/orange/red Slight 4'-10' dw
Old Blush-China Lilac pink Moderate 3'-6' ws
Reine des Violettes-HP Mauve Strong 4'-6' s Thornless
Rose de Rescht-Damask Fuchsia-red Strong damask 21/2'-31/2' f
Souv de la Malmaison-B Creamy rose Strong spicy sweet 2'-3' wsf
Caramel Kisses Blushing Knock Out-S      
Crackling Fire   Black Cherry-FL    
Cupcake Enchanted Evening-FL Janice Kellogg    
Gourmet popcorn Happy Chappy-S Our Lady of Guadalupe    
Hot Tamale Julia Child-FL      
Sun Sprinkles Lovestruck-FL      
Tiddly Winks        
Absolutely Creamy white/yellow reverse Light 24”  
Ambiance Apricot   24”-36” wc
Amy Grant Light pink Strong 22” df
Autumn Splendor Yellow/orange edging Mild 24”-36” c
Baby Grand Medium pink Apple 18”  
Bambino Vibrant orange None 8”-12” ds micro
Bee’s Knees Yellow w/  pink edging Mild 30”  
Behold Yellow Mild 22”-26” dw
Black Jade Dark red Mild 18”-24” w
Busy Bee Coral orange Mild 18”-22” w
Caramel Kisses Lavender/pink Light 32”-40” dc
Carnival Glass Yellow/orange blend Mild 12”-18”  
Charlie Brown Red & white stripes Mild 10”-12” micro
Cinderella Light pink to white Spicy 6”-12” s micro
Coffee Bean Russet Mild 12”-16”  
Crackling Fire Copper orange Light musk 14”-18”  
Cupcake Pink Mild 12”-18” w
Dancing Flame Yellow w/crimsom< edge   24” c
Dejα< Blu Mauve   24”-36” wc
Denver’s Dream Copper-orange None 30” dw
Double Gold Pale golden yellow Strong 24”-30” c
Double Take White w/red blush Strong 24”-36” wc
Edisto Red/yellow reverse None 30”-36” c
Fairhope Near white to yellow Slight 24”-36”  
Focal Point Apricot w/hot pink Mild 24”-36” wc
Gem O’ the Rockies Pink blend Moderate 36” d
Georgette Pink blend   12”-24”  
Giggles Peachy pink Mild 14”-22”  
Gingerbread Man Amber Light fruity 16”-20” w
Gizmo Scarlet-orange w/  white eye Mild apple 14”-20” dw
Green Ice Apricot to white to light green Mild  
Heartbreaker Cream w/ pink eye Light 18”-24” w
Heather Sproul Pink Mild 18”-24” dc
Hot Tamale Orange/red w/ yellow reverse Light sweet 24” d
Irresistible White w/pale pink center Spicy 30” f
Jean Kenneally Apricot Mild 30” dc
Jupiter Lavender Mild 36” dc
Kristin White edged w/ carmine red   30” d
Lady Bren Hot pink w/white reverse None 30” dc
Leading Lady Creamy white edged in pink Strong 36” df
Liberty Belle Red blend/white reverse None 24”-36” c
Littlest Angel Medium yellow Mild 8”-12” s micro
Lo & Behold Yellow   36” dc
Luis Desamero Pastel yellow Fruity 24”-36” cf
Minnie Pearl Coral pink w/ salmon Slight 14”-20” w
Miss Charleston Medium lavender None 18” c
Molly Pink Mild 22”-24” dc
Moonlight & Roses Mauve blend Slight 20”-24”  
My Sunshine Bright yellow Strong 24” dwf
Norwich Sweetheart Magenta Strong 18”-24” dfc
Oxbow Orange/red None 12”-16” dw
Party Girl Yellow/apricot blend Spicy 12”-16”  
Party Lights Coral orange w/cream reverse Light spicy 12”-18” d
Pennies From Heaven Smoky orange to lavender Strong 5’-8’/cl df
Pink Above All (cl) Satin pink Mild sweet d
Power Point Fire engine red slight 30”-36” c
Red Minimo Laquer< red None 8”-12” ds micro
Remembering Dee White Mild 16”-24” d
Saluda Orange blend None 18” d
Sam Trivette Soft apricot Mild 15”-18” wc
Sandy Lundberg Near  white w/ touch of pink None 30”  
Sassy Cindy Bright red Slight 28-36” d
Shenandoah Deep red Moderate 24” dc
Show Stopper Pink Slight 30”-36” c
Solar Flair Yellow w/orange Mild 24”-36” c
Soroptomist Peach, orange, & yellow Mild 36”  
Stars‘n’Stripes<(climber) Red & white striped Sweet 10’  
Sun Sprinkles Bright deep yellow Light spicy 24” d
Suzy Medium pink Mild 18” dc
Teddy Bear Terra cotta Spicy 20”  
Tiddly< Winks Pink & yellow None 12”-18”  
Tiffany Lynn Pink blend Slight   d
Tiny Tears Candy pink   12” micro
Tropical Twist Apricot/pink Mild 20”-36”  
Violet Mist Pale lavender   36” dc
Warm & Fuzzy Red Sweet juniper 18” moss
Wild Plum Deep lavender Light sweet 30”  
Yantai Pale yellow Moderate 30” d                                                                  
X-Rated White w/coral blush Strong sweet 36” fc